Every journey starts with the first step

Every journey starts with the first step

The idea had been tumbling around my mind for quite a while now. I started last summer with listening to the Goed Met Geld Podcast, a podcast made by two Dutch financial bloggers. While their content spiked my interest from the start, I had a hard time pushing through and actually starting my own journey to financial freedom.

The summer went by, I spent way too much money on designer bags and holidays, and I had to go back to work and college. When I didn’t have much to do at work, I dove in every financial independence blog I could find. Soon enough I realised that there are Youtubers covering the same subjects, and I started bingewatching them. I got to a point where I actually liked learning more about finance and focussing on my own financial situation. So I decided to start my own journey. And this blog should help keeping me accountable!

A little bit about me: I recently turned 21, I’m a Dutch woman pursuing her Masters degree in Direct Taxes, and I don’t want to work until I’m 70 years old. I have a part time job at an Accounting & Tax Advisory company and a terrible shopping addiction.

While working towards my own financial independence, I would like to share my knowledge and skills with the rest of the world. So don’t hesitate to comment or send me an email at fiscallyblonde@gmail.com.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!


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